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V’ammos Restaurant Overlooking the Karaiskakis Stadium in Greece

V’ammos Restaurant Overlooking the Karaiskakis Stadium in Greece

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Can a football game be better enjoyed from the comfort of a restaurant? To answer this question, Greek football enthusiasts head on to V’ammos Restaurant, an original venue with extensive views of the Karaiskakis Stadium located near Athenes in Greece. Envisioned by LM Architects, the establishment provides a soothing atmosphere for those looking to get a panoramic understanding of an important match.


The design of the project is quite elegant, featuring plenty of interesting details.  “We were inspired by this association and the outcome is the replication of the movement of the sea waves. The construction was adapted to hide the structural elements and the electromechanical installations, while at the same time allowing access to these units“, architects Mariza Angelidi and Lila Galata explained. The undulating ceiling reminds the visitors of the coastal location of the stadium, while adding a dynamic effect. Cooking pots were used to create the bar and can also be found in the bathroom, bringing extra originality to the space.

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