We’re entering a new age in luxury hotel marketing. Top-tier hotels are now using Twitter for concierge services, social geo-locating platforms to unlock free gifts, Facebook for customer service and YouTube to showcase unique properties. They are finding new, large and responsive audiences across the social web. No doubt, luxury travel’s latest destination is online.

Yet who is leading the charge in this recent wave of innovative hotel social media strategies? What are their methods and how are they finding success? In our ongoing series “Luxury Hotels & Social Media,” Pursuitist is interviewing the top luxe hotel leaders (Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, Waldorf Astoria and many more) to gain insight into the online strategies of the industry’s elite.

Today’s interview is with Tricia Rosentreter, Regional Director of Communications, The Peninsula New York.

Q. Why is Social Media important for your company? 

A. Social media is an important way for The Peninsula New York to engage with its guests on a peer-to-peer level. For our hotel company, one of the most interesting components of social media is the ability to share relevant information with our fans and followers and receive instant feedback or appreciation for sharing. Before social media, the only way to engage with guests with that level of feedback was really through face-to-face interactions within the hotel.

Q. How many people manage your social media channels & what types of tools do you use? 

A. We have one full time e-commerce manager who runs social media campaigns for The Peninsula New York. That person uses a variety of tools to manage both online user review sites as well as the various social media platforms. 

Q. What has been the most effective content to engage users?

A. We’ve found that our users really enjoy content that is informational and educational. For example, posts that provide restaurant or shopping tips from our concierge do very well, but also fun facts such as a beautiful shot of our lobby’s floral arrangement along with the type of flowers and care tips is a big hit and receive positive feedback. Striking the right balance between promoting hotel rooms packages and restaurant specials alongside more fun and informational-based content is what we strive to achieve.