Tough competition! We have to admit, we were so curious we went right to the end to get their answer (and really, are you losing with any of these models?).

We’re spending a weekend in the idyllic seaside resort of Laguna Beach, California, and each decision is tougher than the next: Beach or pool? Sushi or sashimi? Shaken or stirred? And most vexing of all, top up or top down? The last problem is purely intellectual, though, because all of our rides – BMW 328i, Infiniti G37, Lexus IS350C, and Volvo C70 – are equipped with retractable hard tops that fold up and magically disappear at the touch of a button. Of course, once the cleverly articulated roofs are stored, to the accompaniment of a dramatic symphony of whirs, hums, and clunks, there’s barely enough room in the already cramped trunks to hold a toothbrush and a bathing suit. Then again, that – and a no-limit credit card – is pretty much all you need to enjoy a weekend on the town in Laguna Beach. – From Automobile Mag