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Lost Series Finale Secrets, Mysteries, Revealed #Lost

Lost Series Finale Secrets, Mysteries, Revealed #Lost

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Spoiler ALERT! After six seasons of a smoke monster, time travel, the Others, and every other plot twist one could imagine, everyone’s favorite primetime mystery “Lost” comes to an end on Sunday. Executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof have been tight-lipped when it comes to the show’s finale, revealing very few clues and even fewer answers about what is in store for viewers on Sunday.

“We will not be cutting to black,” says executive producer Carlton Cuse. “It would not be appropriate for ‘Lost’ to end with a tricky, twisty, ‘It was all in the dog’s brain’ kind of ending.”

“What happens with the franchise is a great question, but whatever happens, we wanted to give a very clear and definitive ending to the series,” Lindelof says. “It’s not the end with a question mark after it.

“It’s the end.”

At a recent Q & A — one fan asked what was so special about Walt, Cuse launched into a spiel about how different characters had different abilities that made them special and Walt had abilities that scared Ben, plus the fact Malcolm David Kelly was out growing the part, before concluding that Walt will in fact be seen again.

Science on “Lost” is not real science; it is magic with a button attached, or a lever, or a wheel. The local physics are whatever fits the situation: “If the light goes out here, it goes out everywhere,” guest star Allison Janney said of the island’s glowing “heart” a couple of weeks back, whose light Jack is now slated to protect. (“You know that how?” I wanted to ask.) Write some names on a cave wall, or repeat a series of numbers everywhere you can think to put them (including next to the names), and they glow with meaning. Explain them, and they glow paradoxically dim.

Here’s more secrets from our insiders:

* Additional major character death: Sawyer. Sawyer, who has always questioned in not despised Jack, will finally believe in him and perform his one and only SELFLESS act…dying to save Jack in some final or near final fight/action sequence.

* Jack will end up sacrificing himself to save the island. The Man in Black will take over Jack’s body. Kate will end up being the new Jacob and Sawyer and Hurley will be stuck on the island as the new Richards.

* There was speculation that the “Kwon” on the list could refer to Jin or Sun. Apparently, that mystery is now irrelevant as the star-crossed lovers rest on the bottom of the sea. But what if that’s exactly the point? What if Locke-monster succeeds in killing the others but still can’t get off the island…because the Kwon that will eventually become the next Jacob is actually Ji-Yeon, and infant child blissfully ignorant of all the proceedings on the island, and thus not corrupted by any of the events contained within it. She would never go to the island, and Smokey would be trapped forever.

* Jack must destroy the smoke monster, John Locke. John Locke is also Jack’s patient in the time warp. While Jack has Locke on the operating table, the smoke monster will be attempting to extinguish the light on the island. Jack will start having flashbacks from the operating room, which has bright lights. Jack will kill Locke on the operating table and at the same time Jack will be killing the smoke monster on the island. This will save them all, and put everything back into a normal sequence of events in the parallel lives that they have been flashing to from the island.

* I think Desmond is the key. In the sideways reality he’s jogging memories of the island (ouch for John, though) and he’s survived some grim tests on the island. I think that when the last sideways Lostie realises their memories of the island that both realities will combine. I sure hope so, because then we won’t have lost all the characters we’ve come to love.

* Everyone ends up in real time Los Angeles and they attend the wedding of Desmond and Penny. The story is in a comic book that Walt is reading, as he finishes it “Boom” plane starts to crash.

Fade to Black, Bang, Lost Logo….

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