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Living on the Water with the Waterlovt

Living on the Water with the Waterlovt

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Floating homes are becoming increasingly desirable in today’s housing market: they offer breathtaking water views combined with off-the-grid living and the potential for mobility. For individuals who want prime real estate by the water but can’t find the perfect apartment, moving out onto the waves themselves might be the best option. Dutch entrepreneur Berend Lens van Rijn, who conceived the idea of the Waterlovt, was spurred on by the costly process of finding an apartment to rent in his ideal location in Abu Dhabi.


As with most floating homes, the Waterlovt is something between a small private island and a houseboat: it has no engine, so it needs to be towed into place, but once positioned it’s the perfect oasis. In addition to its sleek, open-concept interior, the Waterlovt is designed to be self-sufficient and environmentally-friendly. The Waterlovt can be connected to a mainland power supply, but it is also designed for more off-the-grid living: it can be customized with different solar panels, batteries, and whisper generators that will keep the home powered for 24 hours a day. The Waterlovt is also equipped with the ability to process salt water and render it drinkable (the system can produce 6.6 gallons of drinkable water in an hour), and it can reuse organic waste to generate power, as well as safely filter said waste for discharge into open waters.

Currently 20 Waterlovt crafts have been commissioned and prices are available upon request.

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