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World’s First Carry-on Suitcase Doubles As Scooter

World’s First Carry-on Suitcase Doubles As Scooter

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Pitched as the world’s first motorized and rideable carry-on smart luggage, the Modobag aims to whisk tired fliers through the airport three times faster than old-fashioned walking.

You could call the Modobag (get it?) a scooter-slash-suitcase. Designed by Chicago entrepreneur Kevin O’Donnell and an engineer whose credits include professional race motorcycles at Daytona 200, the mobile suitcase features an electric motor, powered by lithium batteries that can top out at 8 mph (13 kmh).

But rolling through the airport on a motorized carry-on that fits into overhead bins makes for an interesting sight: A promotional video for the product shows adults climbing atop a regulation-sized carry-on that makes them appear as though they’re riding an undersized tricycle.

Other features include a dual wheel braking system, quick release foot pedals, extendable towing handles and charging ports for electronic devices. The smart suitcase is also designed with GPS that can track Modobag’s location.

Despite its motorized capabilities, the suitcase is TSA, FAA and IATA compliant. Designers also aimed to preserve 85 percent of the storage space that would be found in a normal carry-on.


With a month to go for their crowd-funding campaign on IndieGogo, the Modobag has raised 84 percent of its $50,000 fundraising goal. The device is being sold at 30 percent off for an early bird special, at $995.

The Modobag is the latest example of next-generation suitcases poised to hit the market. An Israeil robotics has company created a hands-free smart suitcase that follows its owner through the airport via a camera sensor and Bluetooth technology.

And at The International Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas earlier this year, the Trunkster won an award for eliminating the zipper closure completely and replacing it with a roll-top door for easier access. A built-in power bank is removable and can be used independently to charge electronic devices, while a digital scale is integrated directly into the handle.