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Little Known Spots to Explore in The Grenadines

Little Known Spots to Explore in The Grenadines


Are you looking for your next luxury vacation? If you are looking for something exotic and sophisticated, The Grenadines may be exactly what you are looking for. 

The Grenadines consist of 32 islands and cays, but only nine islands are inhabited. If you want to explore the smaller islands of Bequia, Canouan, Mayreau, Mustique, Petit St. Vincent, Palm Island, Union Island, and Young Island, the best way to see them would be with a bespoke Yacht charter, which lets each charter customer design their own itinerary. Charters allow vacationers to explore the beauty and culture of all of the 32 islands and cays.

The Biggest Draws of Each Inhabited Island

One uninhabited spot you just can’t miss – Tobago Cays National Marine Park  – offers the top snorkeling spot in the island chain. This protected island wilderness doesn’t allow overnight visits to its adjacent island, but you can drop anchor in the water and sleep on your yacht. Trip Advisor recommends scheduling a formal eco-adventure or guided scuba diving excursion to experience the Caribbean nation’s adventures in the safest manner. Now, on to the inhabited isles.


Taste traditional Caribbean food in an exquisite environment by dining out at a terraced restaurant in Bequia. If you miss gourmet dining while on vacation, you can find that here, too.


Tiny Canouan affords you numerous private beaches to explore. These areas harbor no homes or resorts but offer ideal spots for dropping anchoring for a little snorkeling.


Experience the culture of the Caribbean in Carriacou, where life goes on much the same way it did 50 years ago. You won’t find resorts or cruise ships stopping here. You can wander its small inlets to explore villages that continue to celebrate life in the same way as their grandparents. The archipelago between St. Vincent and Grenada offers a carnival, music festival, and the occasionally performed Big Drum Dance.


Be careful visiting Mayreau, known for its wild parties. The island matches its peaceful beaches by day with bar hopping at night. If something happens to you, you will have nowhere to turn since the island of Mayreau has no hospital, police force, or schools.


The island in The Grenadines, best known as a celebrity hangout earned its reputation because of the many celebs who either vacation there or own homes on the isle. For example, rock star David Bowie built a villa on this island. Most of the residents stop for a drink at Basil’s Bar in the main harbor of the island, so it offers you the best chance to spot a celeb.

Union Island

Visit the mountainous Union Island for an exciting kiteboarding adventure. The friendly local residents willingly visit with tourists. They see few of them since the island features no major resort. Hopefully, this helps you plan your ideal itinerary for The Grenadines. Your charter trip lets you explore all the islands offer.