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Lexus to unveil ‘Genius Bar’ Showrooms

Lexus to unveil ‘Genius Bar’ Showrooms

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According to Forbes, luxury automaker Lexus is planning to set up the automotive equivalent of ‘Genius Bars’ in its showrooms, to assist consumers with understanding the technology inside their new cars.

Trained at a specialist college in everything from telematics to electronic mirror settings, the cadre of employees will be on hand to answer questions from confused customers on exactly how their new high-tech cars work.

Just like Apple, the Toyota-owned luxury brand will also offer training sessions to walk through the key features of a vehicle, Forbes reports, to help avoid confusion and frustration from drivers unable to adapt to the new systems.

It’s an idea which is likely to quickly gain currency among automakers as in-car computers become more sophisticated or commonplace, although it’s hardly the first time auto brands have expressed a desire to emulate Apple when it comes to the sales experience.