Drive the elegance of Bentley right up to your workstation. Lalique and Bentley Motors have teamed up to allow the liberty of parking the essence of the flying B right on to the desk. Bentley’s flying B bonnet ornament in its crystal avatar will add momentum to work pace without compromising on style.


Weighing almost a kg, the Lalique crystal paperweight is shaped like the iconic Bentley mascot and inspired by legendary car mascots created by Rene Lalique in the 1920s. The emblem of British luxury car icon celebrates the richness of Lalique’s past and its modernity.

The French crystal and glassware manufacturer encapsulates the creation as ‘The dynamic of its wings, wrought in gleaming crystal, epitomizes timeless beauty while evoking lightness, speed and elegance.’ Standing tall at 5 inches ( H5.55″ / L6.77″ / W3.70″ to be precise), the Flying B paper weight by Lalique is individually numbered and available for $1,700.