LVMH owned La Grande Epicerie de Paris is one of the French capital’s leading food stores as well as the most ambitious food hall concept in Europe. A leading light in the world of Parisian gastronomy, it attracts people from all over the world in search of exceptional quality and taste. And since that isn’t enough, the store is pursuing its ambition by creating its own brand. la-grande-epicerie-de-paris-own-label-colletion_1The private label products will be sold as La Grande Epicerie de Paris collection.la_marque_la_grande_epicerie_de_paris_3 Housed in elegant surroundings in the heart of Paris, the unmissable destination for all food lovers offers a range of the best products from France and around the world, made by exceptionally talented artisans. la_marque_la_grande_epicerie_de_paris_4The drool-worthy spread spans a rich and varied gastronomical heritage and includes sweet, savory, fresh and luxury foods along with delectable oils, vinegars, gourmet canned foods, churned butter, jams, cookies and other delicious specialties to satisfy every epicurean.la_marque_la_grande_epicerie_de_paris_2Though the store’s shelves feature over 370 private-label products at the moment, the collection is estimated to swell with a thousand La Grande Epicerie de Paris-brand products by next summer.la_marque_la_grande_epicerie_de_paris_1A bottle of Truffle sauce, delicious accompaniment to red meat or pasta, is available for 42 Euros while a can of good quality whole truffles is up for 38 Euros. la-grande-epicerie-de-paris-own-label-truffle_sauce la-grande-epicerie-de-paris-own-label-whole_truffleLa Grande Epicerie de Paris Via LVMH