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Kim Jones’ Dior Homme Pre-Fall 2020

Kim Jones’ Dior Homme Pre-Fall 2020

Kim Jones's Dior Homme Pre-Fall 2020

Dior Homme creative director Kim Jones has crossed borders to cultivate links between France and the United States with a 2020 pre-fall runway show in Miami.

On display were looks that combined the luxurious and the casual as well as the traditional and the modern, with numerous references gleaned from the Dior archives and reinterpreted with strong motifs and elements, which were often boldly colorful and optimistic.

With this latest show, organised in the grounds of the Rubell Museum,Kim Jones presented a celebration of youth, liberty, movement, and multiple influences that emanate from French and American cultures.

Art also took pride of place in this new Dior Homme collection. This was not only reflected in the choice of venue for the runway show, but also in the partnership that has been launched with the streetwear pioneer Shawn Stussy.

The founder of the accessories and clothing brand Stüssy offered his graffiti-style interpretation of the Dior logo and bee on new prints.

Kim Jones is also likely to cause a stir with a second collaboration with Jordan Brand. There is no doubt that sneaker fans will be delighted with the limited edition version of the Air Jordan I unveiled by the Dior Homme creative director Tuesday.