A mere two years after buying this sophisticated lower Manhattan penthouse, legendary rockstar Keith Richards and his wife Patti Hanson are ready to sell. This has led to jokes about Richards deriving “no satisfaction” from the lower Manhattan lifestyle, but it’s more likely the millionaire is simply ready to move onto new things and increase his wealth while he’s at it. The couple stand to make a tidy profit, as the penthouse, which they bought for a cool $10.5 million, is now on the market for $12.2 million. Buyers should keep in mind the steep monthly maintenance costs, which add up to a staggering $8,181. But if you’re not deterred by the multi-million dollar price tag, several thousand in monthly costs shouldn’t discourage you either.

The penthouse is undoubtedly luxurious. Certainly the fact that Keith Richards himself resided in this home does something to increase the price tag, but the penthouse itself doesn’t skimp on elegance and high-class comfort. Situated on prime New York City real estate, the penthouse is over 2700 square feet and has 3-4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Richards’ old home also features three separate terraces, allowing the lucky owner to have a nearly 360 degree view of the New York skyline.