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Kate Moss Pays Stylish Tribute to David Bowie

Kate Moss Pays Stylish Tribute to David Bowie

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David Bowie passed away just days before Kate Moss’ 42nd birthday. So the 41-year-old supermodel paid tribute to her dear friend by hosting a super-private, super-wild, Bowie-themed birthday party at her home in the Cotswolds.Kate_Moss_david_BowieWhile her guests channelized their inner-Bowie at the party, Kate’s idea to celebrate her as well as his life was a hit with all. To blow the candles on her birthday, Kate wore a Pam Hogg sequined catsuit from 1991 and paired with sparkly boots. A selection of biggest Bowie hits were played through the evening to give it the ultimate ‘The Man Who Sold the World’ touch!kate_moss_1As if the party wasn’t enough to announce her love for David Bowie, Kate Moss also paid respect to the late music and fashion legend by wearing a white Bowie T-shirt teamed up with metallic purple platforms booties another day. The footwear made heads turn as they were similar to what Bowie sported at some point in his lifetime.

Captured by fashion photographer Mert Alas, the post-party snapshot hit the Instagram with “Bowie flashes of stardust inspiration forever.” Boy George too shared his experience of the Bowie-themed party and announced on Twitter,”Had a lovely night in the Cotswolds celebrating Kate Moss’s birthday and dancing to classic Bowie. In fact her birthday was a Bowie tribute!”

Via NY Mag