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Karl Lagerfeld’s show in Paris featured Chanel-inspired artworks

Karl Lagerfeld’s show in Paris featured Chanel-inspired artworks

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Karl Lagerfeld’s creative juices spilled out to mystify audience at Chanel’s Spring 2014 show in Paris. At first glance, it appeared to be an event showcasing extraordinary Chanel-inspired artworks only.

Chanel_art_gallery_show_set_Karl_Lagerfeld_PurseThe oversized sculpture of the classic black quilted handbag was suspended upside down while a a robot shaped out of a life-sized Chanel No. 5 bottle dominated the floor.

Chanel_art_gallery_show_set_Karl_Lagerfeld_77 Chanel_art_gallery_show_set_Karl_LagerfeldHowever the collection of 75 art pieces was actually created by the Karl to serve as the backdrop of designer’s latest collection. Set up inside the Grand Palais, the walls of the dummy art gallery were dotted with paintings, sculptures and abstract artworks. Most of them beckoned the brand’s logo and the iconic products that scream Chanel in silence.

Chanel_art_gallery_show_set_Karl_Lagerfeld_1 Chanel_art_gallery_show_set_Karl_Lagerfeld_2 Chanel_art_gallery_show_set_Karl_Lagerfeld_3A naked man made of resin balances a Chanel branded wheel on his back.

Chanel_art_gallery_show_set_Karl_Lagerfeld_4 Chanel_art_gallery_show_set_Karl_Lagerfeld_5The installation of a two intertwined Cs is made entirely out of perfume bottles.

Chanel_art_gallery_show_set_Karl_Lagerfeld_6 Chanel_art_gallery_show_set_Karl_Lagerfeld_8Hundreds of pearls are strewn together to make up a large sized double-C emblem.

Chanel_art_gallery_show_set_Karl_Lagerfeld_9 Chanel_art_gallery_show_set_Karl_Lagerfeld_10Karl stated, “There should be a relationship between fashion and art because art shouldn’t take itself too seriously and fashion either. So it’s about a kind of likeness between the two, like in the days of Andy Warhol — he was the only one who saw that fashion and art could go well together. After that they became too serious.”

In spite of such illustrious set, the art-theme decor did not dominate the collection that also boasted of freshness, variety, colors and textures.