There is no stopping to the man and his cat! The duo, Karl Lagerfeld and his pet Choupette, are inseparable not only at home but even in the world of fashion. The designer has unveiled a capsule collection inspired by his feline pet.


Playing muse to the cat-themed line up, the furry Siamese cat has also got Karl fall head over heels in love with her. The black and white collection features cat-shaped accessories that are trimmed with leather whiskers. Cat lovers can pick from knitted hat, iPad case, iPhone cover, shopping bag, fingerless glove, and scarf, all of it ranging from $60 to $460. Kitted out with cat ears, the Choupette collection is all set to hit the shelves from Nov. 12 exclusively at Karl Lagerfeld stores in Paris, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Beijing, Shanghai, Antwerp as well as Belgium.

Though there have been rumors in the past that the kitty has been an inspiration for a bag and a collection, this latest capsule collection has been officially announced by Karl Lagerfeld.

Choupette was given as a gift to Lagerfeld about two years back and he isn’t shy from declaring his love and admiration for her loud and clear. He has once called his fluffy white cat Choupette a famous beauty. He also believes that people are stunned by her and soon people will talk more about Choupette than about him!

NY Daily