At just 26 meters shy of the Empire State Building in New York, the world’s tallest hotel is set to open its dining rooms in the city of superlatives, where engineers are continually testing gravity with leviathan man-made constructions.

Beginning next month, the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai will be opening the property’s nine restaurants and five bars, one of which occupies the top floor.

The Marriott Dubai stands at 355 meters (1,166 feet) and consists of twin towers each with 77 floors. The first tower opened last November.

Restaurants include Asian-Fusion, Italian, American, German, and continental and steakhouse themes.

Meanwhile, the dining scene at the Marriott Dubai begs comparison with another major hotel landmark in the city, the Burj Al Arab where guests are offered a dining experience dubbed “Culinary Flight,” a gastronomic itinerary that capitalizes on the view 200 meters above sea level and moves between the hotel’s multiple dining rooms, including the Al Muntaha. The dining program cost $275.