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Julia Child’s Kitchen Pegboard

Julia Child’s Kitchen Pegboard

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
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This year, Julia Child would’ve been 100. There’s still so much to love about Julia… One of my favorite pictures of her was taken by photographer Arnold Newman – a photograph of Julia in her kitchen for McCall’s Magazine, France. That pegboard! Also read:

* Julia Child’s Pots and Pans Are Back in Her Kitchen – by Smithsonian:

According to Nancy Verde Barr, author of My Years with Julia Child, the pegboard organization system was devised by the couple for their small French kitchen. Storage for the family, like anyone else, was an issue. So Paul cut and painted the boards and then for each pot, pan or tool, he took a thick marker and outlined its shape on the board. Julia, it turns out, was a stickler for organization. When she needed something, she didn’t want to have go looking for it.

* My Dinner With Julia – by Pedro E. Guerrero:

Her kitchen was impeccable, despite a profusion of pots and pans worthy of a department store. Everything was placed just so on the walls; Julia Child was not a cook who was ever going to scramble madly through a drawer looking for a potato peeler. Her kitchen was obviously the laboratory of a passionate cook.