The Finnish-based company, Jolla, has unveiled today the first Sailfish OS smartphone. The device comes equipped with something called “the other half”, a feature that makes it look more youthful and quite unusual…or “unlike the rest”. Why unusual? Because its user-customisable coloured shell, that clips onto the back of the phone, can be changed anytime, depending on your mood. Basically, if you get bored of your white Jolla phone, you can splash some colour by simply changing its shell. But what’s really interesting about the coloured shell is that it will influence the software that runs on the smartphone. That means that you can match your fonts, tones and other things displayed on your device with…the colour of the shell.  “Magically, the software changes to match your selected colour and design. Your Ambience. Your Jolla.” Quite fascinating, isn’t it?!

Jolla intends to create an “organised hysteria”, inviting people to “join the movement”. The idea of testing a different type of phone, “unlike the rest”, might be the company’s winning ticket. When it comes to the specs, here’s what we found out so far: Jolla smartphone features a  4.5-inch Estrade display, 16GB internal memory and a microSD card slot, a dual-core processor, an 8MP auto focus camera, 4G and a replaceable battery. The shipping will start by the end of this year in Europe, with more countries to follow. Price: $512.