I think we all have people in the family that “missed” their career as rockstars and started to sing in the shower instead. Funny, annoying or even disturbing, this is one of the oddest morning habits we have to deal with. But let’s face it: this is what adds a touch of sparkle to our daily routine. Well, anyway, if you want to listen to good music while you’re at the shower, you will definitely enjoy Kohler’s latest innovation, called Moxie, an unusual showerhead that features a detachable Bluetooth speaker secured with a magnet, inside of it. Unless you are Adele. If you are Adele, you won’t need this gadget. I bet you can sing in the shower for hours and still sound awesome.

Now, let’s get back to Moxie. Moxie delivers a crystal-clear sound while you’re taking a shower. You can “shower out loud” by simply syncing your smartphone via Bluetooth with the wireless speaker. “The Moxie showerhead is the first of its kind to combine the delivery of water and music. And with the proximity of the Bluetooth*-enabled speaker pod, bathers are simultaneously showered with music and a best-in-class spray experience.” Moxie can be purchased from the Kohler’s official website, for $199.