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Jaguar to release entry level compact and crossover in 2015

Jaguar to release entry level compact and crossover in 2015

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Jaguar is looking to grow – not always an easy task in a crowded luxury auto market. But the simplest way to accomplish growth is to expand into a segment your brand does not have any presence. Thus, by 2015, Jaguar is going to launch one or two new more affordable models. Jaguar is considering producing a compact sedan, and a crossover SUV. Both segments are some of the fastest growing in the world.

The luxury compact vehicle is reportedly the ‘sure thing’ of the two options. Jaguar is expected to announce it at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this year. The name will likely be the Jaguar XS. The new compact, as well as any other new vehicles created in this family, will probably be all-aluminum, like the recent Jaguar XJ model.

Jaguar will be looking to price the new compact starting in the $30,000 range – making it attractive to new buyers.

The new entry-level luxury vehicles will bring Jaguar into direct competition with the likes of BMW and Mercedes.

The Frankfurt Motor Show is in September, so expect more details to emerge as the event approaches.