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Martini Gran Lusso Celebrates 150 Years

Martini Gran Lusso Celebrates 150 Years

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Botella Martini Gran LussoLavender-laced vermouth and limited edition bottles are a few of the ways Italian vermouth brand Martini will be marking its 150th anniversary this year.

The limited edition Martini Gran Lusso (which means grand luxury), for instance, has been created as a single-batch, “super-premium” vermouth that combines two botanical extracts from the company’s archives circa 1904: aromatic, bittersweet herbs, aged Moscato, hints of lavender and rose, best served over ice with a slice of grapefruit peel.

To commemorate its milestone, bottles of Martini Rosso, Bianco, Extra Dry and Rosato across Europe will also be emblazoned with the coat of arms of the Royal House of Italy and the city of Turin.

Similarly, bottles of the house’s Prosecco, Rosé, Asti and Brut will be dressed in new packaging with a vine motif to reflect the brand’s winemaking tradition along with the Martini heritage crest from 1863.

Martini isn’t the oldest vermouth brand in Italy. Cinzano, one of its closest rivals, boasts beginnings dating back to 1757.