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Is Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop Real?

Is Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop Real?

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Update with news from NPR:

Banksy’s antics make the producers of this year’s Academy Awards show a bit nervous. “We’re not absolutely certain that he’s going to be in the audience. But if he is, we will make it easy for him to get there,” says Bruce Davis, executive director of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. Davis says the Academy has verified Banksy’s credentials to get into the ceremony, but even he hasn’t seen the artist’s picture. “All we have is the same picture everybody else has,” laughs Davis. “A guy in a hoodie or a full-head monkey mask.”

The big question on everyone’s mind, is Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop real? The Oscar nominated documentary has come under fire, as people have doubted the authenticity of the movie. However, the “star” of Exit Through The Gift Shop, Thierry Guetta, has spoken out on the matter:

“This movie is 100% real. Banksy captured me becoming an artist,” the paint-splattered Guetta said, surrounded by the stacks of art books and pop-culture clutter from which his work is derived — or ripped off, depending on your view. “In the end, I became his biggest work of art.” – read more from LA Times