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IOMA Paris Skincare launches Bespoke Products

IOMA Paris Skincare launches Bespoke Products

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It’s as if the universe knew that I was looking for an new skin regiment, because this week Pursuitist sent me to the launch party of IOMA’s newest miracle creams- Bespoke products. Ok, perhaps “miracle” wasn’t their word to describe it, but after the introduction to this innovative skin care, I truly believe it’s as close as it gets to magic.

Leave it to IOMA to have their launch party at the beautiful SLS Hotel’s presidential suite. Upon my arrival I was greeted oh, so nicely by the team and taken through the story behind Bespoke products. Then- the best part. My skin was analyzed by IOMA’s cutting edge devices. Don’t worry, this is a pain free experience, just a little stroke on each side of your face. It’s amazing how these unique Diag or Ioma link machines can diagnose your exact personal skin issues and needs. After, adapted perfectly to my skin, the printed prescription was given to the amazing team that was on stand by to customize the day and night cream formulas by mixing potent and powerful serums. (Yes, I got to take that home with me.. I know, my job is tough!).

After we got to enjoy special cocktails and champagne while nibbling on delicious h’orderves, the founder, Jean Michel Karam gave us a presentation and explained just how this “magic” actually works. “Because each person is unique and each type of beauty is exclusively individual, IOMA considers every single treatment a personal one”, says Jean Michel. Produced in the skin care capitol (as well as the capitol of fashion and macarons) Paris, France, IOMA is already one of the top selling skin care lines in Europe. Developed by top experts in the field and tested by dermatologists, IOMA is the first and only skincare brand to prove the effectiveness of each of its products at the end of each treatment. My favorite part? No preservatives. The product is packaged in an airless bottle which allows it to be free of parabens and other type of chemicals. Fortunately, now not only europeans get to enjoy this incredible and innovative product- it’s available exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue stores around the country. Want to get your skincare customized specifically to your genetic shell? Stop by Saks and get the VIP analysis. You won’t believe your skin.

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