Hollow Restaurant is the result of a fruitful collaboration between Sergei Makhno and Vasiliy Butenko, and promises to provide a stylish gathering place for people looking to enjoy a good meal. The overall design of the project was inspired by natural elements and the color palette is meant to relax.

What do visitors expect from the new restaurant? A delicious meal? – No doubt. Comfort? – Of course. Cosiness? – it’s a must! A place where you want to spend time with family, loved ones, friends and colleagues“. These were the main factors to consider when developing the concept for the “Hollow Restaurant”, a unit that will greet its visitors with a natural, casual design.

According to the official architecture plans, the restaurant is structured on two levels. The first floor accommodates a generous dining area, brought to life with the help of several flower-inspired elements. The second level hosts a more private lounge, with green armchairs and tables shaped like petals. The lighting is provided by designer Vasiliy Butenko and consists of elegant and subtle pendant lamps, enhancing the natural and cozy feel of the restaurant. Each level features a large window to the outdoors, originally shaped into one of the walls of the building and the ceiling respectively.