Michael Kors opens the doors of his Long Island house which is located by the sea. The New York City-based fashion designer is glad to allow a sneak peek inside his twenty-first-century beach house which has been photographed by Mario Testino and featured in Vogue.michael-kors-beach-house-06The paradise of Kors and his partner Lance LePere features oak and caesarstone kitchen, Nakashima furniture, ropy Scandinavian chairs, paper lantern and more. The vaulted living room is filled with neutral colored objects from their travels which includes a mounted South African sculpture, a petrified wood bowl from England and a ceramic vessel from Thailand.michael-kors-beach-house-02The master-bedroom suite which spreads an entire floor also features a Mongolian lamb pillow on a chaise and a small cluster of framed photographs on a shelf next to the bed.michael-kors-beach-house-04At the guesthouse, the bedrooms on the second floor are subtly themed. One has a safari motif, with photographs the couple took in Africa. Another has pictures taken in the seventies at Studio 54, bought at the Steve Rubell estate sale several years ago. Also a long wooden deck from the house leads to the Atlantic.michael-kors-beach-house-05The property also stands out for not housing a single dollop of color. The couple have agreed on never buying anything in color. Michael Kors, whose wardrobe also stocks up almost everything black, states, “It’s not that I wouldn’t love bright-green pottery from Thailand, but it would take too long to figure out where to put it.”michael-kors-beach-house-03American model Gigi Hadid was also featured in the photo shoot.