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Inside Costa Rica with Adventures by Disney

Inside Costa Rica with Adventures by Disney

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
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An Adventures by Disney Costa Rica vacation is a Fast Pass to an exhilarating family experience, from the serene blue waters of the Pacific coast to the lush heart of the Caribbean rainforest. Energetic and knowledgeable guides are what make this a true Disney experience with insights and curated opportunities for authentic connections. Relax, explore and enjoy.

The Costa Rica family vacation from Adventures by Disney ventures to the capital city of San José before delving into the natural wonders and wildlife of the country’s vibrant forests. Enjoy the fun extremes, from zip lining above the rainforest canopy, thrilling white water rafting on the Tenorio River to touring ancient forests filled with exotic creatures. It’s the world’s ultimate eco-adventure destination for the entire family.

What is Adventures by Disney? Adventures by Disney guests travel in small groups limited to 40 participants, and are led by two Disney-trained Adventure Guides. Each adventure is filled with immersive, interactive experiences you might never have tried if you were traveling on your own. Local experts provide authenticity and character by sharing knowledge and stories. All of Adventures by Disney’s itineraries are designed around family fun. Discover more at

How is it unique? Vacationing with Adventures by Disney is almost effortless. Travel, activities and scheduled meals during your adventure are exceptionally planned. Luggage is handled for you and hotel check-ins are pre-arranged. The accommodations and food are first-class; it’s a premium VIP family tour experience in all respects.

Costa Rica is… a family travel playground, specializing in big adventures guaranteed to get your kid’s heart pumping; whether you are zipping through the leafy canopy or spying a lazy sloth, this little dynamo of a country offers a plethora of fun experiences that every family member can enjoy. Safe and modern, Costa Rica is a democratic and peaceful country.

On the adventurous 7 day/6 night trip to Tortuguero, Arenal, Guanacaste and San Jose, we:

    • Explored ancient forests by boat in Tortuguero National Park
    • Visited a real working pineapple plantation
    • Biplaned through the treetops of Arenal National Park
    • Enjoyed a white water rafting adventure down Tenorio River
    • Cruised the exotic Guanacaste coastline on a private catamaran excursion

How does the Adventures by Disney Costa Rica Vacation begin? In Chicago! There are numerous direct flights from O’Hare to San Jose — so it is super simple to escape to Costa Rica. And away we go!Adventures By Disney Costa Rica1

After quickly passing through customs, we were met by an Adventures by Disney representative who assisted with our luggage and whisked us away to the nearby resort.  We arrived at the charming Costa Rica Marriott Hotel San José, located on a 30-acre coffee plantation

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica2

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica3

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica4

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica5

After meeting our fellow Adventurers over a delicious breakfast, our delightful Adventure Guides discuss our vacation’s exciting itinerary.

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica6

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica7

Meet Ron and Zoe, our charming and knowledgable Adventure Guides.

Adventures By Disney CR Pursuitist3

Then, we boarded a private charter for an exclusive flight to Tortuguero (“Land of the Turtles”).

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica9

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica8

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica10

We stayed for one night at Laguna Lodge in the middle of Tortugero National Park. After checking in to our adorable little eco-friendly room, we took an exciting boat tour of the national park. Over 400 species of mammals, bird, amphibians and reptiles inhabit this wildlife sanctuary located within this 46,815-acre natural park.

Adventures By Disney CR Pursuitist10

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica11

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica13

In Tortuguero, we took a short boat ride to the Sea Turtle Conservancy Center. Our family learned about the important conservation program begun by renowned naturalist Dr. Archie Carr, who worked to protect endangered sea turtles.

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica12

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica14

After spending the afternoon exploring the area, we celebrated our arrival in Tortuguero with a festive welcome feast arranged especially for Adventures by Disney guests.

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica15

Yes, dancing was involved.

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica16

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica17

The next morning, we departed the lodge and proceeded to our next destination, courtesy of a real Jungle Cruise through the Rainforest.

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica18

After departing the boat, we met our next mode of transportation — our faithful Adventures by Disney luxury motor coach with wi-fi! On to the Arenal Volcano National Park…

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica19

But first, we stopped at a lush pineapple plantation. The kids had a blast at the farm, as we got a tour of the fields and a chance to see how pineapples are prepared for shipping

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica20

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica23

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica22

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica21

The next destination was Hotel Arenal Manoa at the base of one of the youngest and most active volcanoes on earth.

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica24

The next morning, we were ready for adventure in Arenal. After riding a gondola that carried us through the rainforest canopy up the mountain to heights of over 4,000 feet, we enjoyed amazing zip lining and taking nature walks across hanging bridges.

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica25

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica26

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica28

Possibly the best zip line adventure ever!

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica27

And the extraordinary views were just as impressive!

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica29

Afterwards, we learned traditional crafts from local artisans. Our family connected with the local culture through art—and we even designed a few keepsakes.

Adventures By Disney CR Pursuitist9

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica30

Wait, is that a sloth?!

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica31

It IS a sloth!

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica32

We packed up our bags, departed Arenal and left for the trip to Guanacaste. Named after Costa Rica’s national tree that’s also known as the “elephant-ear tree,” this sun-kissed province is famous for its dry tropical forest, sparkling shorelines and exciting water sports.

After a few hours on the road to Guanacaste, we stopped for thrilling white water rafting on the Tenorio River.

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica34

Adventures By Disney CR Pursuitist8 Adventures By Disney CR Pursuitist7

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica35

Later that afternoon, we arrived at the luxurious El Mangrove Resort in sunny Guanacaste.

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica36

We took in the ocean views at Papagayo Bay as our Adventure Guides checked us into this spectacular resort located on a natural mangrove and surrounded by luscious tropical scenery.

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica37

After having breakfast at the resort, we went down to the sandy beach. Our last day of adventure featured a private catamaran ride to a small private island. There were delicious snacks and cocktails on board as well as snorkeling gear and paddle boards.

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica39

Pura vida, which is a characteristic Costa Rican phrase, literally means pure life, with connotations that suggest “full of life”, “this is living!”, “going great”, or “real living”. Basically, it’s Costa Rica’s Hakuna Matata!

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica40

Adventures By Disney CR Pursuitist6

Adventures By Disney CR Pursuitist4

Adventures By Disney CR Pursuitist12

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica38

For the final evening, we had an entire night of fun activities, including a class on “How to Make a Mojito,” with non-alcholic options for the children.  We had an amazing private dance show from a local group that gave a history lesson and an authentic performance. These types of exclusive and private experiences are what set Adventures by Disney apart from other tours.

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica41

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica42

Before departing, we enjoyed breakfast at the resort — complete with their own omelet station!

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica45

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica43


Adventures By Disney Costa Rica44

One last walk along the Pacific Ocean.

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica46

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica47

Farewell Costa Rica and our fellow Adventurers.

Adventures By Disney Costa Rica48

Final Thought: Originally a bit apprehensive of a Disney Vacation, I was pleasantly surprised due to the Adventure Guides and the custom itinerary. With VIP access and private events, outstanding accommodations and cultural experiences with local experts, we strongly recommend an Adventures by Disney vacation. The cost is worth it, due to the ease of travel, outstanding moments and the lasting family experiences. We’re busy, so Disney has planned and taken care of everything, which allows families to relax, connect and have fun. Thanks to Disney’s impeccable attention to detail, we discovered plenty of opportunities in Costa Rica to create and share unforgettable memories that our family will treasure forever. Overall, the Adventures by Disney experience is one you can’t forget.

Pura vida!

Adventures By Disney CR Pursuitist5

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