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Idris Elba + Superdry’s Summer 2016 Collection

Idris Elba + Superdry’s Summer 2016 Collection

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For the past year, actor Idris Elba has been collaborating with British lifestyle brand Superdry to produce a line of practical, casual, yet stylish clothes. Recently the brand unveiled their second collection with Elba, which features a number of comfy hoodies, simple jackets, and bold-printed shorts. Some of Superdry’s clothing features prominent branding, but the designs from Elba tend to be elegantly simple with subtle logos.

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No matter what Elba wears, he seems to carry it off flawlessly. “Over the last four or five years, what I’ve worn on the carpets, my personal style was always commented on,” Elba said. “I’m not a fashion designer, but I certainly feel there’s a side of me that can be influential in fashion.” His poise and style has no doubt influenced the rumors of his playing James Bond. Superdry’s aesthetic might not reach Bond levels of formality, but the clothes are still well-designed and attractive. And, in true Bond fashion, Elba’s presence at the Superdry offices apparently has a noticeable effect on the women workers. According to Euan Sutherland, CEO of Superdry, Elba “was causing chaos because all the women in the office wanted to come to the design studio.” Can they really be blamed?


The latest offers from Superdry start at around $30, with some of the more choice items retailing at several hundred dollars. One of the most popular items, which was debuted in Elba’s first collection, is a leather racer jacket available for $590.

Elba is entering his second year of a third-year contract with Superdry, so several more collaborative collections will be announced in the future.