Starting on October 5th, Hermès is expanding their products for men with a unique series of special events in three US cities this Fall – New York, San Francisco and Seattle. The first event will open in their men’s boutique in New York from October 5th and 6th, with a special focus on their bespoke and made-to-measure services, as well as a presentation of men’s pieces ranging from a rose gold and black crocodile strap Tourbillon watch to a dark green Bayou Crocodile Barda messenger bag.

The next event will be at the Hermès San Francisco boutique, which starting on October 19th through October 24th, will be entirely transformed and dedicated to the Men’s Universe, showcasing the vast array of products offered for the Hermès Man – RTW, home, fragrance and bags to name a few. Furthermore, animations during that week will include a demonstration by world renowned Finger Skaters.

Last but not least, Hermès will wrap up the festivities in their Seattle Boutique from October 31st through November 6th, with an interactive art installation by renowned digital projection artist Miguel Chevalier, who has explored for Hermès the inventive designs their AW12 silk Tech-ties collection allowing guests to playfully interact with the whimsical designs.

Hermès Madison Men’s Boutique, at 690 Madison Avenue.
Hermès San Francisco Boutique, at 125 Grant Avenue.
Hermès Seattle Boutique, at the Bravern, 11111 Northeast 8th Street Suite 245.

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