We hate to go swimming in TMZ’s water, but the online scandal rag is reporting that shoemaker New Balance is suing Chanel’s creative director Karl Lagerfeld.

According to TMZ, New Balance is claiming Lagerfeld ripped off its trademark sneaker for his new shoe collection:

“New Balance claims Lagerfeld is using a block capital letter “K” on an otherwise identical shoe design. NB claims this creates confusion.”

As admirers of both New Balance and Karl Lagerfeld, we can’t help but be amused by this frivolous lawsuit. Obviously, Karl’s sneaker design is an homage to New Balance, and only a complete fool would be confused between the two. Material-wise, K’s sneaker is constructed of leather, while NB’s is made of suede.

Then there’s also the price difference. The Karl Lagerfeld Leather Suede Mesh Sneakers costs a hefty $360, while New Balance 574 Black Sneakers is a bargain at $112.88. Who’s going to be confused over that cost difference?

Tell us in the comments below, did Karl ripoff New Balance — or was his design an homage? Would you be confused between the two?

Has Karl Lagerfeld Copied New Balance?