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Guggenheim’s Most Comprehensive Alberto Burri Retrospective Ever

Guggenheim’s Most Comprehensive Alberto Burri Retrospective Ever

On October 9th, New York’s Guggenheim Museum unveils its latest, an exhibit of Alberto Burri’s mixed-media works.  This retrospective of the 20th century Italian artist is the most comprehensive ever mounted — and a first in the US in more than 35 years.


Alberto Burri: The Trauma of Painting does include pieces from Burri’s best known series of Sacchi (sacks) made of stitched and patched remnants of torn burlap bags, often combined with fragments of discarded clothing. However, this exhibit showcases in depth his series that are lesser known to American audiences: Catrami (tars), Muffe (molds), Gobbi (hunchbacks), Bianchi (whites), Legni (woods), Ferri (irons), Combustioni plastiche (plastic combustions), Cretti, and Cellotex.


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Burri’s work reconceptualized modernist collage. His use of unconventional materials profoundly influenced Arte Povera, Neo-Dada, and Process art.

Alberto Burri: The Trauma of Painting is on view at the Guggenheim October 9 – January 6.

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