It’s amazing that a movie star from the 1950s had a wardrobe that looks as fresh and stylish in 2010 as it did over 40 years ago. The amazing part is Grace Kelly’s personal style. Her look was classic and that’s why it has endured. That is why a new collection of Grace Kelly’s clothing just went on display in London at the Victoria & Albert Museum until Sept. 26th 2010. The exhibit is simply called, “Grace Kelly Style Icon” and is sponsored by Van Cleef & Arpels. How amazing that over 50 years since Grace achieved popularity as a film star, that her style still looks so fresh and modern. In 1955 McCall’s magazine said of Grace Kelly, “The thing that made her stand out is what we call ‘style’. Part of the exhibit is Grace’s well worn and often carried Hermes “Kelly ” Bag which she used to camouflage her pregnancy in 1956. The Guardian UK reports that , “despite her high-maintenance image, Grace Kelly was surprisingly thrifty with her wardrobe. The signs of wear and tear make it clear she continued to carry the same handbag for many years – a sharp contrast to the habits of modern celebrities, who avoid wearing the same outfit twice.” The floral dress that Grace wore when she first meet Prince Rainer was not a couture dress, but a dress made from a McCall’s easy to sew pattern. Like Audrey Hepburn, Grace took good care of her clothes and wore them repeatedly. – From Huff Post