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Luxury and power: 2015 GMC Sierra Denali HD

Luxury and power: 2015 GMC Sierra Denali HD

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We all love our luxury vehicles. Give me a car with soft leather, a smooth ride, a powerful engine, great amenities and I’m a happy camper. But wait, what if I actually want to go camping and haul an Airstream or a boat or horses or a trailer loaded with nearly 10 tons of logs, because hey, who doesn’t enjoy playing lumberjack on the odd weekend?

That’s when I’d probably leave the Rolls in the garage and grab the keys to this $63,780 GMC Sierra Denali HD and head for the great outdoors. After all, just because you’re roughing it doesn’t mean you can’t do it with style.

In its Denali trim, the Sierra crew cab has more interior room that most luxury sedans and enough leather to incite a PETA protest rally. The driver’s seat provides a nice balance between a classic truck throne and a well-bolstered sports seat. While I only spent a couple of hours in the truck, it was clear that these seats would be very comfortable for long drives across country. In addition to being covered in excellently cut and sewn leather, the seats are heated and cooled, offering 12-way power adjustments with customizable lumbar support.

Whether you use the Sierra Denali HD for your occupation or recreation, you’ll appreciate all the electronics baked into the interior package. First, there is GM’s OnStar system now with 4G LTE connectivity with an available built-in WiFi hotspot. This allows you to use your computer or tablet on a data plan purchased through GM so you can handle work emails or post pictures of your adventures from just about anywhere.

The GMC IntelliLink system allows you to pair your smartphone via Bluetooth so you can use your phone hands free, listen to your music and access other features while on the road. There’s a bright 8-inch color touch screen in the center of the dash that makes it easy to dial up music, weather, navigation and other apps you might find handy as you travel. And GMC has also figured out that when you take a road trip with a few people, nobody wants to fight over the USB ports, so they’ve added several charging options to allow everyone to keep their devices powered up.

But if all you wanted were comfort, quiet and connectivity, you probably wouldn’t be looking at a Sierra Denali HD. You’re buying this bad boy to get stuff done. And stuff you will do.

Underneath all its technology and refinement, it’s still a brute. Especially when you put the 6.6 liter Duramax diesel under the hood. With 397 horsepower and 765 pound feet of torque you can haul up to 19,600 pounds with a standard hitch or 23,200 pounds if you go the gooseneck route. That should cover just about anything you want to tow unless you’re planning on moving a Victorian mansion and even that might be possible if you’re on a downhill grade.

To make sure you can control all that weight, the Sierra Denali HD comes standard trailer sway control, 4-wheel discs with auto grade braking and diesel exhaust braking to reduce wear and tear on the brakes.

In addition to the massive towing capacity, you can specify either a six and a half foot or eight foot bed. This truck is big and tall, so you’ll find nice convenience touches like the corner step that’s molded into the rear bumper so you can climb gracefully into the bed even if you’re not an olympic gymnast. The tailgate also features GMC’s EZ Lift system to make it easier to raise and lower. And so you don’t have to worry about scratching the bed when you fill it with firewood, drywall or a 1952 Vincent Black Lightning, the bed comes with a standard spray-on liner with a textured, non-skid surface. There are lots of tie-downs strategically located to make sure whatever cargo you’re carrying stays securely in place.

GMC has always been known as the boss’s truck; a little fancier with more features and accessories than your basic work truck. With the 2015 GMC Sierra Denali HD, they’ve clearly taken it up a notch. It’s now a truck that’s perfect for the owner, president, chairman or any one who appreciates power and luxury and has the wherewithal to afford it.