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Glossier is Redefining Beauty

Glossier is Redefining Beauty

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Glossier was founded in 2014 by Emily Weiss, as a beauty and skincare company with a skin- focused, positive mentality. They are redefining the beauty industry by focusing on their customers and word of mouth. Emily Weiss states, “Being honest and authentic pays off”.

They have two permanent locations in Los Angeles and New York, varying pop-up locations, and an online store. Due to safety precautions all of Glossier’s stores are closed at the moment, but their online store at is always open for your skincare and beauty must-haves.

Glossier is proudly cruelty free and fair trade, and has made changes to their company to be more sustainable. “As a company, we’re making an ongoing commitment to the environment, our customers, and our team that we will always seek to improve and innovate when it comes to our products, packaging, and operations.” – stated Emily Weiss, Founder & CEO of Glossier.

They stand out in the beauty industry with light, comfortable, and easy to apply products. You might even recognize their signature hue- a light millennial pink. Here are some of my everyday Glossier products.

Boy Brow
– A light, fluffy pomade that adds definition and fills out your brows in a few swipes.

Balm Dot Com – In eight different flavors, the Balm DotCom is a staple lip balm that leaves your lips healthy and hydrated.

Futuredew – The final part of your skincare routine that adds moisture and gives you an effortless glow without making you seem oily.

What was at one point just a beauty blog has now evolved into an bold and innovative 2.1 billion dollar business that works to empower women through beauty.