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Genesis House Launches Korean Tea Ceremony

Genesis House Launches Korean Tea Ceremony

Looking for a unique experience for Mother’s Day this weekend, or something different to do with friends in NYC? Genesis House is  launching a contemporary version of the traditional Korean tea ceremony on Saturday, May 13th curated by Onjium, the Seoul-based Michelin-starred restaurant and cultural institute and tea master Ashley Lim.


Guests will have the chance to enjoy an hour-long educational program celebrating tea history and culture every weekend, brew their own tea and enjoy curated food pairings in the tea pavilion of Genesis House. The ceremony offers a modern and interactive version of a traditional tea ceremony. Compared to Chinese and Japanese tea ceremonies, the Korean tea ceremony is less formal, and focuses on simplicity.   


Each guided program offers three unique Korean teas paired with seasonal Korean snacks. The teas and tisanes currently featured include: 

·       White Lotus Leaf: Known for its health benefits and as a symbol of purity and enlightenment.  

·       First Flush Black Tea: From Jeju Island, a UNESCO protected World Natural Heritage Site with an ideal terroir for growing tea plants that was cultivated to continue Korean tea tradition after it slowly disappeared in the 1950’s. While black tea is typically fully oxidized, the First Flush is only oxidized to about 80% to maintain its light and fruity notes 

·       Citrus, Gaejol Gyul Cha: A citrusy tea that concludes the ceremony that is paired with an omija sorbet to cleanse the palette  


Seatings are offered on Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm, and reservations can be made on Resy.