Living in urban surroundings can make people crave for a place where relaxation and admiring contemporary shapes go hand in hand. Residents living next to Bailianjing Park, along the Hangpu river in Shanghai, China, are lucky enough to enjoy these modern pavilions anytime they feel like it. Visitors can only catch glimpses and photograph the exhibit and give others a heads up about this fabulous place where residents enjoy outdoors experiences like tai chi, dancing, Mahjong games or drinking a cup of tea.

The Bailianjing Park pavilions allow them to have contemporary accompaniment to the chosen outdoor activity and encourages them to enjoy their hobbies. One sculpture will be equipped with microphones and a screen for karaoke, another one will display a set of trays to store chess and card games, while the jukebox sculpture will accompany dancers and create a dynamic atmosphere. The art pavilion series was designed by Taranta Creations and photographed by Zhang Jun Photography.