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From Madison, Wisconsin Protests: I’m With Stupid

From Madison, Wisconsin Protests: I’m With Stupid

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At the Madison protests, Wisconsin natives Patty Osheim (L) and her brother Jim Osheim (R) disagree about Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s plan to bust public workers unions which drew an estimated 65,000 protestors to Wisconsin’s legislature on February 19, 2011 in the fifth day of mass demonstrations. Demonstrators who have camped out in Madison’s capitol dome since Tuesday insisted that they will not give up the fight against what they see as a broad plan by Republicans to undermine working people and the Democratic Party they support.

Jim Osheim, a former union member who is living off a pension he earned while working in an auto parts plant, also thinks the public unions need to be broken to keep taxes down. “If they’ve got to lose their health care to keep the state solvent so they keep their hand out of my wallet, so be it,” he said.

“I can’t afford any more money out of my pocket to support their gravy train.” His sister Patty Osheim, a unionized electrician, shook her head and held up a sign saying “I’m with stupid.”

Meanwhile, Stop the Imperial Walker…