Creative ideas spring from different directions – sometimes inspiration comes from arid grounds, leading to fantastic furniture items like the Prickly Pair Chairs. Designed by Mexican-born, London-based designer Valentina Gonzalez Wohlers, the chair collection depicts a Mexican artist’s experience in Europe, creating a cultural harmony that only comes from a fascinating design background. Some characteristics can be seen the first moment one lays eyes on the collection: frivolity and humor, vividness and playfulness.

The other deeper rooted characteristics can be enjoyed when taking a closer look at the design and understanding the concepts behind the product: reflection and acceptance. Merging shapes and textures and using interesting materials to create the Prickly Pair Chairs, the designer welcomes diversity and creativity. The classic design of a French oval chair originated in the Rococo period – when grotesque elements were combined with natural and artificial ones – was the frame used to display an artistic interpretation of the Nopal cactus, symbolizing Mexican heritage and national pride. All these were merged to create a fascinating seating unit.