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Frank Miller, Jack Kirby, And Other Comic Book Legends Top Heritage Summer Auction

Frank Miller, Jack Kirby, And Other Comic Book Legends Top Heritage Summer Auction

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kanebatmanWith “Man of Steel” hitting box office records, this may be Superman’s summer but let’s not count Batman out. A couple of rare collectibles being sold by Heritage Auctions in Dallas will put Batman back in the spotlight. The highest-graded copy of Batman #1, ever certified in 9.2 grade, and Frank Miller’s original cover art for The Dark Knight Returns #2, 1986, are expected to bring $500,000+ each in Heritage Auctions’ Comic and Comic Art Auction August 1-3. Batman #1 features the first appearances of both the Joker and Catwoman.

Frank Miller’s iconic original cover art to The Dark Knight Returns #2, which also is expected to bring $500,000+ shows a far gloomier image of Batman, as he is crippled with rage. It is one of several pieces of original art from the groundbreaking Dark Knight series offered by Heritage in the last year.

darkknightmiller“For fans of Modern comics, this drawing is where everything really begins,” said Todd Hignite, Vice President at Heritage Auctions. “This moment defines Miller’s Dark Knight, and the modern day perception of Batman, like no other drawing. The only one that comes close, perhaps, is the iconic Splash page from Dark Knight #3, featuring both Batman and Carrie Kelley (Robin), which we sold two years ago for $448,125.”

Other lots in the auction feature comic book legends from all eras. Robert Crumb’s complete 1968 original art for a five-page story titled “City of the Future,” initially stolen from Crumb and slated for Zap Comix #1, is expected to reach $100,000+. Fresh-to-market original cover art from titans Carmine Infantino and Joe Giella from The Flash #117, from 1960, is expected to realize $50,000+ in its first appearance at auction.

For fans of the Academy-Award-winning movie “Argo,” two collectibles might be of interest.  Famed artist Jack Kirby was once commission by producer Barry Geller to create concept drawings for a movie titled “Lord of Light,” based on a novel by Roger Zelany. The movie was never made but got a second life when the CIA used it as part of their secret rescue mission in Iran. Two of Kirby’s original oversized concept scene drawings for the project – “Pavilions of Joy” and “Planetary Control Room (Interior)” –are expected to bring $10,000+ each. Full details available at Heritage.