Triathlon training calls to mind many words — extreme, dedication, endurance. But “luxury resort” generally isn’t one of them. Until now. The Los Angeles area’s Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village has launched the brand’s first Triathlon Training Camp, taking place between April 16th and 20th.

The hotel is being transformed into an “Ultimate Performance Triathlon Training Camp”—an all inclusive triathlon training program led by professional coaches and the on-site California Health and Longevity Institute team.

Designed for athletes of all levels, the five-day, four-night program offers comprehensive fitness testing, customized training programs, schedule of specific meals for training athletes, nutrition education, recovery spa treatments, and, of course, luxe accommodations.

While we’ve never personally considered running a triathlon, we love the idea that this program combines luxury with state-of-the art fitness. In fact, each participant beings the program with a fitness assessment, where coaches will provide expert video analysis of the guests’ running, swimming and cycling capabilities plus “Bod Pod” body composition tests, VO2 lung capacity tests, oxygen blood tests, and more. Training programming and specific recommendations are customized based on the results and analysis of these initial tests.

In addition to training sessions, guests will also enjoy access to fitness classes and meals designed specifically for their training and nutritional needs. Triathletes will also gain education on the importance of recovery—including sleep advice from Four Seasons’ “Dream Team” of sleep experts. The fact that the package includes multiple spa treatments doesn’t hurt, either.

And, at $3,800 per person, the four-night package seems rather reasonable in cost, too.

It’s almost enough to want to make us run a triathlon. Almost.

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