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Forbidden Island by Gamewright

Forbidden Island by Gamewright

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Family game night is one of the greatest ideas for overcoming hectic schedules and bringing everyone together – even for a short time. The challenge of family game night is finding a game that everyone can enjoy. Thus, we present you with Forbidden Island.

The first thing about Forbidden Island is that it’s not a competitive game – but a collaborative one (meaning everyone wins or everyone loses). Up to four players work together to try and escape (along with some ancient relics) from Forbidden Island before it sinks into the ocean.

The game is deceptively simple and fast moving. Forbidden Island is easy to learn – a five minute review of the rules will have you up and running. Players represent an adventurer on Forbidden Island. Your job is to work with the other players to gather four ancient relics, and escape the island. However, the island is sinking all around you, changing the landscape (literally) on every turn. It also means every game can be different from the last.

There are no dice. Just several sets of cards and basic movement. This makes for fast play – a game can be played in half-an-hour.

Forbidden Island was designed Matt Leacock. It has won numerous awards, including the Mensa Select designation – one of five games to receive the honor each year.

Forbidden Island is recommended for ages 10 and up – but younger children can easily learn to play. But kids and adults alike will enjoy Forbidden Island.

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