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Flex Wristband for iPod Nano

Flex Wristband for iPod Nano

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Accessories for Apple products abound, so finding the best and most fashionable is always a challenge.

Thus when we received the Flex Wristband, we couldn’t help but smile. It’s geeky. It’s smart. It’s fashionable and functional. It’s kind of lame, but kind of cool. In other words, it’s not for everyone, but it’s the kind of nifty little gadget that will strike a chord with specific users.

The Flex Wristband is designed for the iPod Nano. It snaps your iPod on securely and easily. The open-sided design gives you direct access to the headphone port and 30 pin connector so you can charge, sync and listen to your iPod nano without removing it from the wristband.

The flexible steel band expands to fit virtually any wrist while the subtle matte finish offers an understated look that goes well with anything.

Cost is about $50.