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Five Travel Tips From Michael Clinton, Author Of The Globetrotter Diaries

Five Travel Tips From Michael Clinton, Author Of The Globetrotter Diaries

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Globetrotter_coverThere are plenty of travel books out there but few travel writers have as many resources or as much enthusiasm as the intrepid Michael Clinton. Clinton, who is Hearst Magazines president/marketing and publishing director, has loved travel since he was a child and has always made it a centerpiece of his life. His latest book, The Globetrotter Diaries, is a chronicle of his passion and offers plenty of wisdom for those who aspire to follow in his gallivanting footsteps.

What makes Clinton a particularly good travel guide is that he adores all sorts of experiences. From the hike up Kilimanjaro, to luxurious experiences in Umbria, Clinton relishes it all. His vast travel history includes touring over 100 countries means he has a lot of wisdom to pass on. From the book here are some of his best tips:

1) When you experience delays, mobilize immediately. If you experience delays, don’t wait until the flight is canceled. Get on the phone, get online, work all your angles to get on a different flight. If you can’t find a different flight, hit trains, buses, car rentals, hotels, whatever works. The key here is to move quickly. Clinton advises calling the airlines multiple times and tells several stories in which multiple calls led to a last-minute flight out.

2) Add days onto your business trip. If possible extend your business trip by adding a weekend on the beginning or the end. You will probably have to pay for your hotel stay but you may get your company to pay for the flight, either way, it makes sense to take advantage of the opportunity to explore new places. Even an extra day in a new city can help you really see all it has to offer.

3) Find and cultivate your travel club. Clinton has several travel clubs for different experiences. He has adventure travel companions and luxury travel friends.  By creating different groups of people you will always have someone to travel with who likes the same experiences that you do.

4) If you like it, buy it. A lot of times, you will see amazing things for sale. You may want to say no but remember, you will likely not come across this particular piece again. If you like it, and if it is affordable, buy it. The piece will always remind you of your excellent travel experience.

5) Unplug or you will miss out on the amazing. Clinton has been to some very amazing places, from the Skeleton Coast of Namibia, to Bhutan, to Antarctica. Even the most connected of people knows when to stash the Blackberry or iPhone and just give in to the experience.

Overall, Clinton’s advice is simple, give in to pleasure and experience whenever you can. Explore, experience, take the advice of your guides always. Make friends wherever you can, but most importantly, just get out there. The world is waiting.

From The Globetrotter Diaries by Michael Clinton, copyright © 2013, published by Glitterati Incorporated.