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Five Reasons To Wear Louis Vuitton’s New Monogram Idylle Collection

Five Reasons To Wear Louis Vuitton’s New Monogram Idylle Collection

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By now we are well versed that Louis Vuitton was a French box-maker and packer who founded the luxury brand of the same name over 150 years ago. And it has just been 15 years since the Parisian house stepped in to the world of jewelry making and only five years since they launched the first high jewelry collections. The labels’s newest Monogram Idylle collection stays true to its roots by highlighting Louis Vuitton’s signature Monogram star and flower motifs. louis-vuitton-monogram-idylle_Sautoir_NecklaceDescribed as the most wearable of Louis Vuitton jewelry, the new pieces from the Monogram Idylle collection are fresh, feminine and faithful to the brand. The playful collection interprets the iconic Monogram flowers in the three shades of gold, resulting in recognizable, easy-to-wear pieces that can be mixed and matched. Also each motif has its own power – Fortune, Joy and Passion!

Monogram Idylle Stackable Rings –louis-vuitton-monogram_Idylle_ringFor just $3,400, this set of three stackable rings can be worn separately or together. The rings combine the round and star-shaped Monogram flowers with three single diamonds.

Monogram Idylle Necklace – 

Louis_vuitton_Monogram_IdylleDangling_Variations_pendantThis Louis Vuitton necklace brings together the Monogram Flowers in three golds with glittering diamond pampilles. A contemporary piece for summer that will add charm throughout the day for $4,950.

Monogram Idylle Hoops –

Louis_vuitton_Monogram_IdylleHoops_earringsDress up the ears with the Monogram Flowers and glittering diamond pampilles that hang from Oriental hoops in playfully asymmetric design. For $4,950, the suspended motifs accompany their wearer’s movements in an ode to refined femininity.

Monogram Idylle Long Earrings – 

louis-vuitton-monogram_Idylle_long_earingsThe long earrings allow the LV fans to wear all three iconic Monogram Flowers in three shades of golds on each ear. This easy-to-wear piece is designed to echo the body’s movements as well as reflect the light. Put them on for $3,550.

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Monogram Idylle Sautoir Necklace – 

louis-vuitton-monogram-idylle_Sautoir_Necklace_1Iconic and alluring, the Sautoir is an intensely mobile necklace that undulates with every movement to reflect the light. With its special clasp, double-sided motifs and open-backed settings, it can also be worn in a shorter double-row version. It adorns the neckline for $9,600.

Inspired by artistic and cultural imagery, the Monogram is a collection of iconic symbols with universal power. Today, the Monogram adds talismanic quality to a jewelry collection, creating scintillating pieces as captivating as the stars.


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