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The Mad Men Inspired Smokey Martini Recipe

The Mad Men Inspired Smokey Martini Recipe

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
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Today we’re going to make a Mad Men-inspired cocktail, the perfect drink for Don Draper. Meet the Smokey Martini featuring Johnnie Walker Black Scotch and Death’s Door Gin.

The martini is based on The Executive Martini from a 1960’s edition of Mr. Boston, upgraded with a modern twist.

What you need:
A chilled martini glass.
Johnnie Walker Black, my “go to” Scotch.
Death’s Door Gin. An organic, tasty gin that is handcrafted in Wisconsin.
Olives, and blue cheese also from Wisconsin.

Start by chilling the glass.
Fill the martini glass with ice, then water.
Let the glass chill, while you mix the ingredients.

Fill your cocktail shaker with ice.
Then, add in an once of Johnnie Walker Black.
Then an once of Death’s Door Gin.
Finally, add in an ounce of vermouth.

Mix together the ingredients with a good shake.
Toss out the ice and water…
And pour the ingredients into the chilled martini glass.

For the finishing touch, add two olives that have been hand-stuffed with blue cheese from Wisconsin.

The mixture of the complex oaky scotch with the blue cheese creates a smokey delicious cocktail.

A 1960’s mashup with modern organic goodness.

The Smokey Martini. Pursue it.