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Our Five Favorites from The Gabriel & Co. Showroom

Our Five Favorites from The Gabriel & Co. Showroom

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Privy to an exclusive look inside Gabriel & Co.’s New York showroom, Pursuitist could easily have been overwhelmed with all of the shiny, pretty things.  There are so many to covet!  But we’ve managed to narrow down our wish list to these five (ok, plus a bonus!) pieces that really wow.

Gabriel & Co.’s versatile new collections are handmade with 14K or 18K gold, sterling silver, diamonds and colored gemstones, ranging in both style and splendor, designed for the modern American woman.


This Messier double-jointed ring is handmade with 14K gold, sapphires, and 0.30 cts of diamonds. Inspired by one of the most spectacular star clusters in the night sky, the diamonds and deep blue sapphires of this ring open in weave patterns that seemingly suspend diamonds in mid-air, creating a bold look with delicate details.  Plus, the design of it spanning two finger joints is so, so unique.  Retail $2,365


Designed with a touch a modern minimalism, this Sydelle cuff handmade is a statement piece that revels in the brilliance of diamonds intricately set in handcrafted 18K yellow gold.  While cuffs are having a major moment, this one looks like it could be from another era — and it’s classic enough to pass down for generations.  Retail $13,345




The Lusso Cascading Diamond Choker is truly unique.  It’s a handmade statement-sized cascade choker that boasts an asymmetrical trail of diamonds that gracefully outlines the silhouette.  So feminine and fabulous!  Retail $12,140

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Talk about a showstopper!  These Sydelle drop earrings revel in the brilliance of diamonds stunningly set with 18K gold and 2.06 cts diamonds.  The teardrop shape elongates the neck and accentuates every outfit.  Retail $5,390


LR50945W45JJ-1This is a pair that will make people stare.  The starburst Kaslique earrings are handmade with 14K gold & 0.75 cts diamonds.  Paired with this very original Stellare two-finger ring, 14K gold and 0.56 cts diamonds, the duo is a dazzler with starpower.  Retail $1,595 and $1,540, respectively.

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