Dinner should be a special moment when family and/or guests gather around the dining table for a meal shared with the loved ones. Adding a little glamour to the tradition can only improve the dining experience and create an elegant atmosphere. Designed for special moments, the Delaunay Steel Dining Table displays a design inspired by the Delaunay triangulation algorithm. Created by Craig Van Den Brulle, the dining table has a powerful cubist style, composed of many polished steel triangles.

The glass table top allows the fascinating design underneath to shine through, adding character to any contemporary space.  With a height of 30.5″, a width of 84″ and a depth of 42″, the luxurious dining table promises to be a fabulous choice for a contemporary residence. Using wood, resin and steel to create the unique mathematics-inspired design, the manufacturers merged modern technology and artistic vision to overcome the boundaries of design and fabricate a one-of-a-kind furniture piece. The Delaunay Steel Dining Table is available in a limited 15 piece edition.