Owning a modern home brings many comforting thoughts: from the relief of having creative architects construct a custom-made design and landscape to the joy of putting together the last finishing touches. This next contemporary residence contemplates a simple and comfortable living style, featuring spaces that adapt to the inhabitant’s lifestyle. The Double Bay Residence was designed by Level Orange Architects in a successful effort to create a modern residence perfect for its inhabitants.

Bringing character to the interiors and exteriors, the inhabitant’s passion for raw materials allowed the architects to build a splendid home. The residential building consists of a wild mixture of raw concrete walls and solid white concrete floors enhanced bya neutral color palette. The first level floor plan features an interesting connection to the outdoors: the kitchen counter is long enough to reach the outdoor patio, creating a fabulous seamless indoor-outdoor space. The master bedroom seems to be made out of glass entirely, displaying an atmosphere close to that of a modern outdoor retreat.