Acting as the focal point in any room, the Octopus Chair has all the features necessary to start a conversation. The first thing that strikes me about this interesting design is that you either love it or hate it – there is no in-between. Part of Samwoong Lee‘s portfolio, the Octopus Chair features a skin made out of natural mother-of-pearl – a material that displays different patterns and colors depending on your position and light reflection.

Reflecting light in an extravagant way, the Octopus Chair was designed to express the relationships between humans and that between humans and things. The Korean designer made the organically-shaped chair with the intention of creating a connection between nature, humans and the modern way of life and understanding what this relationship brings. Furniture pieces have become more than just useful objects – a designer can create a certain atmosphere by using shapes, patterns and colors. Do you think Samwoong Lee managed to surprise the essence of these relationships?