Customized design sees new highs every time talented designers have the courage and open-mindedness to create unique and spectacular interiors. I’m talking about the unbelievable ParametriX Kitchen designed by Russian company Geometrix Design. Futuristic in every detail, this modern kitchen design was created for a family with a bold design preference. Brick insertions partially cover the walls, while wooden strips compose a fascinating spectacle all around, prolonging into the furniture design.

Geometric insertions were applied in the shape of an interesting mirror, while the window was adorned with a cozy window seat. Potted plants are displayed on the 3D wooden details, creating comfort and adding a touch of green to the whole arrangement. Lights can be seen through the wooden slats,composing an intriguing detail – colorful lighting is also used to create different atmospheres depending on the family’s preference and mood. Beautifully elegant in its modern appearance, this kitchen is top on my list when it comes to contemporary kitchen design.