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Exclusive Interview with ASHIEDA Skincare founder, Sarah Ehrlich

Exclusive Interview with ASHIEDA Skincare founder, Sarah Ehrlich

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Many skincare lines claim to have the best anti-aging creams and serums. But there is only one that not only has a mask and a cream but also a Beauty Nectar drink to bring you that youthful glow. Founded by Sarah Ehrlich, ASHIEDA is already adored by celebrities like Robin Antin and David Guetta and is now changing the way you think about your skincare regiment. When I got to try out some samples like the Natural Clear Skin Care Sponge (good bye, blackheads!) and the special Nectar that is made of collagen (yes, you heard that right), I was all on board for this innovative brand to take over the skin care market. I was also eager to pick Sarah’s brain about how she came up with the idea and what’s next for her business.

Q: Tell us what made you want to start an organic skin care line?

A: I was traveling a lot over seas, especially to Asia while working on my charity, Help For Orphans. I noticed it was common to see collagen drinks at convenient stores there and realized why Asian women have such beautiful skin. They are very advance in the art of skin care and I wanted to bring that to the US market. The difference in skin care products there was fascinating. I researched the best ingredients and the most potent, such as vegetable fiber based masks that allow it to stay on the skin, helping the nutrients absorb better. We have clinically studied each ingredient with special analysis, which helps us get to know the skin in 10 different ways- pore size, texture, tone, smoothness etc. The results were amazing, pores shrunk, wrinkles decreased, after just one use of the mask. I simply had to share this with everyone.

Q: There are many eco-friendly lines out there, what makes ASHIEDA different?

A: The truth is, no one is doing it from the inside out, everyone is about the application. Don’t get me wrong, masks and creams are great. Our mask has the best ingredients on the market and you will see results for up to a week. But by working inside out, the results are more permanent. It improves your collagen, replenishing the loss, repairing environmental damage like toxins in the air.

Q: What would you say are the key ingredients that are most affective?

A: Collagen, Oryza Ceramide-PT, anti oxidants, kiwi extracts…

Q: Which product is your personal favorite?

A: The collagen drink has always been my favorite. However, currently, while I am expecting a baby, I do a lot of masks.

Q: You work with the organization Help For Orphans International, tell us what inspired you to get involved?

A: I’ve been working with charities for about 14 years, and 9 years ago I started my own. We go to orphanages in countries like Honduras and help them with resources. I believe every child should have the opportunities to learn, grow and change the world.

Q: Who is your dream customer?

A: I know many celebrities in their 40s are using injections and peels. I would love to see Cameron Diaz or Jennifer Lopez give this natural way of hydrating a try.

Q: What are you goals for the brand? What’s next?

A: I want to make our Beauty Nectar a household name, for it to be in every woman’s regiment each day. Supplements are crucial for our youth and looking well and healthy.

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